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The name Himolla has stood for a unique combination of function and comfort in the field of upholstery for over 70 years. It continues to impress and provide a truly special level of comfort in the home to this day. What once began as a small workshop has been transformed into a modern manufacturing business and, as a result, has developed into one of the largest upholstered furniture factories in Europe. For Himolla, sustainability is about forging a close connection between our ecological, economic and social behaviours in relation to the use of all resources.

It involves a constant, critical and transparent consideration of all the processes within the company, involving the staff in this process. Himolla offer a guarantee which can be viewed HERE.

The wide range and versatility of Himolla models means we can show a selection of different models in both our Eastbourne and Cross in Hand showrooms. From fixed or manual recliners to electric curved or corner sofas, their variety of models is astounding.



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Our showrooms in Sussex are carefully set up to provide a relaxed environment for you to explore and experience the perfect furniture to suit you and your home.

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