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Our lovely barn style building, designed and built by English Heritage Ltd, sits in the heart of the Sussex Weald with beautiful countryside all round. We specialise in the best that European furniture has to offer. Every range is hand picked with 3 things in mind – design, provenance and quality. Many of the ranges are exclusive to us in the South East and for some, we are the only stockists in England. You are therefore guaranteed a different type of experience to the average furniture shop.

David Salmon Furnishers has been trading for over 40 years. It was started by David Salmon in Eastbourne and is now run by his son, Paul, who opened the Cross in Hand store in 2013. The company has become well known in the area for quality, good service and expert advice, from people who know their trade.

Paul says ; “ I hope our new web site will inspire you to see that furniture can be exciting and different to the mass imported furniture seen in so many shops. Things of this quality and style need to be seen and touched and so I hope you will be encouraged to visit us to see what real furniture design looks like.”


Our Ethos

Our aim is to offer authentic and original products at the forefront of furniture design. Many of our suppliers are leaders in their field. They produce the designs which others will copy in subsequent years, much like the leading fashion designers.
We only offer products solely made in the UK and Europe. The reason for this is that we look for furniture that is made to a quality, rather than furniture made to a price, but always understanding that we have to offer good value. This comes from the design, construction and choice every range offers, along with the service we give.
We also feel very strongly that making furniture should not harm the environment which is another reason for buying UK or European, where the controls are very strict. Our suppliers only use wood from certified sources where every consideration is given to not only the sustainability of the trees but the ecology of the area as a whole. The carbon footprint is also low due to shorter transport distances of the wood and the finished product.

David Salmon David Salmon


A definition of good provenance can have many similarities for furniture as for food: knowing the ingredients are well sourced and knowing where the product comes from and how it is made. In addition, original design is an important part of the provenance of quality furniture.

Finally, good provenance can mean ethical production: original design, good selection of natural materials, good work practices and low carbon footprint due to short transport distances.

All our suppliers meet these requirements and we are proud to offer these exclusive ranges.

David Salmon David Salmon

European Oak

European oak is generally regarded as being more characterful and a better colour than the other types of oak available. It has been farmed in Europe for many hundreds of years so there is a history of good farm management to keep the supply chain going. All our suppliers use only certified wood and this means the ecology of the forest as a whole has to be considered as well as the sustainability of the trees.

Some of our suppliers will personally visit the forests and some even select individual trees for special use such as a single planked table. These may be stored outside as logs for as long as 5 years, and then a further 2 years as planks to fully dry out. The care taken in the selection and treatment of the wood is just one stage in the process of making furniture of quality.

David Salmon David Salmon

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